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This forum is intended to provide support to people who are learning Java, studying for Java certification, or have any other general Java related programming problems.

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-- Andrew Mackie (admackie@javamain.co.uk), November 15, 1999


I'd learned Java 9 months back by going through "Java - The Complete Reference -by Naughton and Herb Schild". But, I am away from Java Programming. ( I was busy in doing a project in VB-SQL Server). I now planned for Java Cert. Exam . Anybody interested to taking up the exam in 3/4 week of December, interested in working/preparing out synchronously can mail me and we can reach the success. My home page got good links to different Java Cert Sites and mock exams. Please do visit once. http://members.rediff.com/vamsikalyan/myhome.html

-- Vamsi Kalyan Poondla (vamsy_kalyan@rediffmail.com), November 26, 1999.

I don't think I am ready for any sort of certification exams thus far.

I got me this puzzle just yesterday, and can't fix it. According to all the standard rules, the Objects are supposed to be accessed in turn, and in the real life, the thread hangs up. Why? Canít I lock another Object being within the other Synchronize keyword? Any help would be great.

public class Deadlock { public static void main(String[] args) {

final Object resource1 = "resource1" ; final Object resource2 = "resource2" ;

new Thread(){ public void run() { synchronized(resource1){ System.out.println("Thread 1: locked resource 1") ; try{ Thread.sleep(50) ; } catch(InterruptedException e){ } synchronized(resource2){ System.out.println("Thread 1: locked resource 2") ; } } } }.start() ;

new Thread(){ public void run() { synchronized(resource2){ System.out.println("Thread 2: locked resource 2") ; try{ Thread.sleep(50) ; } catch(InterruptedException e){ } synchronized(resource1){ System.out.println ("Thread 2: locked resource 1") ; } } } }.start() ; } }

-- marat (maratishe@hotmail.com), November 13, 2001.

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