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I have just setup the shopping cart software, ordering with Netscape was working fine until I made some changes in the footer and the order files with Frontpage. I did read here that frontpage can cause problems for Netscape browsers when you make changes, I checked the HTML code and corrected a pathname for home, however netscape continues to take me back to the review page when I hit the "purchase items in cart" button. Explorer is working fine. Can anyone help me here?

Kind regards, Kris

-- Kris Nilsen (, November 14, 1999


Yup, you read right.And please remember what you read for the rest of your life. You have very entitlement to curse Willy Gates with the last breath you draw for having allowed Front Page into the world. What happens is simple. FP works on a half assed ASP type system and import any html into a FP editor and all sorts of things gets added and deleted. Try and get editpad (do a WWW search) or notepad on your PC and edit ANY html file that way. I did learn the hard way on that one and was verified on various newsgroups. Porl

-- Porl (, November 20, 1999.

Thanks Porl,

I did end up making changes to original order and footer files in notepad and now its working with Netscape.


-- Kris (, November 20, 1999.

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