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I recently came into possession of what is apparently a handbook for Southern Railway Company employees. It is a small hardcover book, 4.5" by 6.75", has the number 33709 stamped on the inside front cover, and bears a brief opening page signed by Frank B. Gannon, third vice-president and general manager, which says the rules herein take effect November 15, 1899. The cover and all but a couple of pages (which are torn) are in good to excellent condition. Does anyone have info about the possible value of such a book or its worth as a museum piece? Thanks for any available assistance!

-- David E. Shivers (, November 13, 1999



In the railroad collectible market, it is only worth what a buyer is willing to give you at any given time. It's a cliche', but true. Your 1899 book is early, and I have seen them range from $15 to $100 on eBay and at antique malls over the past few years. Average price I would say in the $30 range. The older the better, that's for sure. In collector circles, these rule books are fairly common, and if it's the financial gain you want, I suggest donating it to a local city or county museum. If the SR served their area, they would be very happy for a hundred year-old book, and give you a receipt that you could use for tax purposes. Or, you could list it for sale at! Southern stuff usually delivers a premium there.

-- Matt Bumgarner (, December 23, 1999.

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