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want to paint an athearn genesis usra lt mikado ACL . need road numbers colors and a picture if possible . a general picture of locomotive showing decal layout would be fine.

-- (, November 12, 1999


Champ Decals produces a steam ACL set with loco & tender data. You can contact your local hobby shop or directly to Rich Meyer of Champion Decal Company, PO Box 1178,Minot, ND 58702. E-mail Web URL Order EH-260 for HO Scale Steam, all white lettering & numbers, and includes round ACL herald. Order EH-271 for HO Scale Steam, silver lettering, numbers and round ACL herald, (used only on Class R-1 4-8-4 class loco)\

-- W. David Godwin (, November 15, 1999.

Its me again. Sorry to keep posting, but I noticed an error regarding class designations in my intial posting: it should read Ms, M-2, and the "what if" class M-3. Buddy

-- Buddy Hill (, November 13, 1999.

Forgot to mention that R.E. Prince's book on ACL steam locomotives will be reprinted in the near future. The book should supply you with much of the information you are seeking. Buddy

-- Buddy Hill (, November 13, 1999.

The mikado wheel arrangement was not used extensively on the ACL although the railroad did roster 40 examples of this type. The Ms Class, a light 2-8-2, was numbered in the 800-819 series. The Ms-2 class, a medium 2-8-2, was numbered 820-839. Although USRA designs were popular on the ACL, the railroad was not assigned any 2-8-2 locomotives nor purchased USRA copies of the same. To accurately model an ACL 2-8-2 will require kitbashing/scratchbuilding. However, you can number your engine 840 on up to create a "what if" ACL Ms-3 class. That will at least allow you to run steam until someone produces a model(s) that match ACL prototype steam engines.

ACL locomotives were painted black with white trim on the wheels and running boards. Prior to 1940, (with exception of the R-1 class 4-8- 4), locomotives had Atlantic Coast Line spelled out on the tender in white Roman font lettering. Post 1940, the ACL adopted the script herald (white) with a horizontal white stripe bisecting the tender as was delivered on the R-1 class in 1938. The height of the stripe on the tender appears to have corresponded to the bottom of the cab. Both schemes were in use between 1940 and 1942, with locomotives receiving the latter scheme following federally mandated class 3 shoppings(stripping the boiler inside and out for inspection, replacemnt of boiler tubes, appliances, etc.& repainting). As far as a source of decals for ACL steam, others will have to respond. The society is exploring the production of an ACL and SAL steam decal set. Hope the above helps. Good luck. Buddy

-- Buddy Hill (, November 13, 1999.

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