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Has anyone used Ilford Universal PQ, which is paper developer for film? I have tried it, diluted 1:80 with t-max 100, and EFKE 100. that was before I could get any real film developer (i use ID-11 now). Im quite satisfied with the results and I'm intersted if anyone has similar experience. My negatives are contrasty but printable, Im not quite sure about the developing times anymore, lost the list.


-- Vasko Bojadziski (, November 12, 1999


I have heard of using Dektol in the same way, to get contrasty and usually grainy results with film. From its name, I would presume it is a phenidone-hydroquinone developer, like ID-11, but it would be balanced for paper rather than film. Sorry I can't offer more info.

-- Ed Buffaloe (, November 12, 1999.

Ilfords Bromophen instructions said, it would be suitable for films (except 35 mm)for small enlargements. Used HP5+ continuos movement for 3mins in Bromophen 1:5. Higher contrast, bigger grain, still printable but not (very) sharp.

-- Wolfram Kollig (, November 15, 1999.

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