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I am getting nervous about confirming recordings now that I have seen so many that use non standard conditions etc. I am desparately in need of some tools to check for validity of INP's. I know we can't check for everything (let's not mention those things we can't check for in this thread though). However, I know that dip switch settings must be stored in the inp and can be checked.

Can anyone point me to utilities I can use for the purpose.

If not, I'll have to resort to programming one myself - that will be a pain (my mame builds are 3 beta's out of date).

-- Tim Morrow (, November 11, 1999


There aren't easy tools that can be built with out a standard .cfg .hi files for each game to along with the "rules" each game should be played as. If you had a standard .cfg and .hi files for each game (of course for each mame version as the formats differ) you could make a recording that had the right bits in the .inp file you could compare other recordings too. I think if the settings are different than everyone else is used to, it'll usually be a high score and scrutentized (by people such as yourself mentioning bubbles score had different settings) so that an administrative change can be made.

The confirmed score (i thought) was just to ensure it could be played back to the score stated. Makes things simpler and more effective to know a recording playsback than that it playsback AND has the "right" settings.

-- Chad (, November 11, 1999.

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