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Once again that level playing field we are trying to achieve is looking askew and slanted.

I know this has been raised before but no general consensus or policy has seems to have been adopted. I am starting to reach new levels of frustation as I'm going through many recordings to find that non standard settings are being used (i.e. dip switch settings not deaulted). Even more annoying is that many of these recordings have been confirmed.

I don't think that MARP's informal rule that all recordings be default or TG is making a scrap of difference. I think we need to be a bit more forceful about it.

I have a suggestion on a way to handle the problem. If we aren't happy to discount non standard recordings as being illegal (and we haven't so far to my knowledge) then we can at least propose the following as a compromise:

1. In most circumstances recordings should be Default or TG (TG must be explicitly stated).

2. In the event someone feels they must upload non standard recording then at a minimum the non standard conditions must be explicitly stated and attached to the description field and placed in the associated zip upload.

3. Finally, if at any stage a non standard recording is discovered without the associated statement of the fact, then that recording be deleted out of hand (which I prefer). Alternatively the uploader be given an opportunity (a week) to attach the relevant statement or the recording be deleted.

Once again, my position is that NSR be removed as a general rule and only accepted in peculiar/specific circumstances.

-- Tim Morrow (, November 11, 1999


I Do agree with you Tim, but I'm afraid you're screaming to the moon...!!!
It is full of NSR, so classified for a number of reasons (Points leeching, autofire, don't playback, wrong dip settings, etc.), but nobody is doing nothing ! I always hear: "I'll do when someone else does." nothing changes.
I think it's too easy to state "Non default settings", or "Autofire used", and then get hundreds of points!!! We do need a sort of "authority", a "supervisor" (Zwaxy himself, or someone else with more time than him), in charge of collecting "unconfirmations" of illegal recordings, and empowered to delete inps, or reset scores to 0.
Am I screaming to the moon too...!?!? we're two! Cicca

-- Cicca (, November 11, 1999.

I second Cicca's motion. I also suggest that those who have the power to confirm a game should also have access to the DIP settings utility to check for DIPs - but not all confirmers should have the right to edit scores.

I guess that makes me the third person howling at the mo... aroooooooooooooooooooooooo! :)

-- Gameboy9 (, November 11, 1999.

I'm taking a seat right here in the amen - I mean hooooowl - pew over here with Gameboy and Cicca.

Aqua, who seems to be getting a much better birthday present than expected :)

-- Aquatarkus (, November 11, 1999.

Now the head of the "howling at the moon" congregation comes forward to lead the congregation in the ceremonial settings chant.

Leader: On this day, as with all men being created equal, all MAME recordings shall be done from the same original setup... Congregation: As so to truly see who is the best. Leader: The evil that is possible with changed .inp's are so great, that one must disallow themselves the tempation. Congregation: Lest ye be publicly shamed by the moon howlers. Leader: One day, a great uprising will come upon the face of the MARP. The only ones to survive will be the ones who... ALL: Howwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwllll!!!!

(Nice parody, but some day could be true!)

-- Chris Parsley (, November 11, 1999.

I know, I just ~know~ Zwaxy's going to show up with some kind of Werewolves of London reference. :) Please allow me to steal his thunder, heh.

I'm for the idea, but I can't get too angry if people don't use defaults or TG. It just makes it more challenging to beat them. :) (Yes, yes, I know in some cases it makes it ~impossible~, but that's on a game-by-game basis).


-- Brian McLean (, November 11, 1999.

Chris....great scene'll never change....eheheheheh
As men were created all equal (as you state, and I subscribe it), why shouldn't they follow the same rules into the same community...!?!?

Brian: I don't mind if someone plays with harder settings (usually TG are), but using easier, or autofire, or cheats, or leeching....shame !!! No challenge at all....


-- Cicca (, November 11, 1999.

Cicca, that 'Howling At The Full Moon' reference is dynamite - everyone wants a piece of the action.

I actually object harder dip switch settings being used too. The problem is that for games that don't repeat (with fixed endings) the harder settings may give more enemies/higher bonuses etc so that a 'default' recording can't compete - not good if we are proposing default settings. Higher difficulty settings aren't a problem with some games that just get harder (enemies take more hits and move faster etc) but it is best to stick with the lowest common denominator.

I too agree with Cicca and the rest of the Howling Fraternity that we need to nominate some supervisor(s) who can chew up and spit out the NSR's. Now what do we have to do to make it really happen?

Is it a full moon tonight? The pack is growing and the wolves are getting restless and hungry ...

-- Tim Morrow (, November 12, 1999.

Tim....welcome to the fraternity....ehehehe

You wish to know what we could do now...!?!? Well....nothing !!! We can't do more than make proposals, and howl....the more we are, the best.
Then it's up to Zwaxy....if he thinks any proposal is applicable (techincally and 'morally'), and if he has time, well, he'll implement it....otherwise, nothing changes.....


-- Cicca (, November 16, 1999.

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