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Someone please help me out. I have been wrestling with this one all day and my limited Perl experience is really showing.

I have turned on the $usetrack function in smart.cfg. The program now delivers orders and verifications by email fine and it also writes a file to the server in the order dir with the store name and orderID in the title. So far so good. When I look at the details of the file, the only information contained is the line item data of the item(s) being purchased. No shipping info, tax or totalprice is included. What I would like to see in this file is the $totalprice with customer and credit card information submitted in the order.html form. Actually that is the entire reason I want to use this function, so I do not send credit card info via e-mail.

I have tried turning on smartadmin as well but that does not help me either. Evidently none of the tracking stuff works smoothly. I don't even want to track the orders, I just want to be able to go online and match customer names and the orderid # with the one on the Email then retrieve the credit card info.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Kerry

-- Kerry Porche (, November 11, 1999

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