Upgrading PowerPC to Utilize 100mps Network access

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Hello anyone!

My situation is this. I have a PowerPC 76/132 running OS8.1. For two years I have connected to a Novell Network via a thin line coax that connects to a small transceiver box which connects to the back of the Mac AND Novell's Netware Client (Ver.5.11). Appletalk is active; Ethernet is selected in the Appletalk Control Panel. Ethernet is selected in MAC IPX control panel. All is well.

I get this bright idea to utilize 100mps from the network administrator. She purchased a Fast EtherTX-10/100 PCI Card for the MAC and ran a dedicated 100 mps line to my office.

We plugged the card in; hooked it up to the line, and verified that it was communicating via the status lights BUT I cant get access. Normally when I need to access server based folders, I click on a shortcut to that folder from my desktop which in turn brings up the Novell login script. I sign on and everthing's cool. However, with this new card I can't even get to a login script. It just tellsl me that "No Network Services can be Founf at this Time. Check your configuration or contact your network administrator."

Can anyone shed any light?



-- James Gioia (jgioia@helminc.com), November 10, 1999

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