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I am sorry that I wasn't specific in my query.

It is not 'how to display data and log space information for a database?'. It should be 'how to manipulate data and log space information?'.

In 6.5, we used sysusages, sysdevices table to manipulate this information. Likewise, I would like to know how should I do it in 7.0.



-- Anonymous, November 09, 1999



In SQL Server 6.5, sysusages contained one row for each disk- allocation piece assigned to a database.

In SQL Server 7.0, sysusages has been removed with no replacement. SQL Server 7.0 relies on sysdevices for database file information. Filegroups are supported, and the sysfiles and sysfilegroups system tables are added. These system tables reside in every database and describe database files and filegroups.

However, sp_spaceused, such as it is, still exists on SQL Server 7.0. You can look at its source to see how it manipulates sysfiles, sysobjects, and sysindexes.

Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, November 10, 1999

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