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OK, I'm sure this is a common question but i'd be grateful for people's thoughts on the relative virtues and vices of these two 3CCD cameras. I know the Sony has anologue in/out while the Panasonic only has analogue out. Otherwise what is there to justify a four hundred pound difference in price? I've heard that the panasonic is perhaps better picture quality with a tripod but that the image stabilizer is not as good as the Sony's - can anyone confirm this. Thanks. Bruce

-- bruce murphy (, November 09, 1999


Hello Bruce, I have not tested the two cameras but I concidered the Sony TRV900 before I heard of the DX110 and then settled for the Panasonic due to its prize and reputation. I had used it predecessor (which I don't remember the name of) and found it rather familiar. I'm sure the Sony is a good camera but the "analogue in" and the "optical image stabilizer" are alone not worth the difference. But yes the optical image stabilizer on the TRV900 is better than DX110's digital one which locks the shutter speed and shcrinks the image. But when do you actually need an image stabilizer? If you're doing zoom shots at anything over 3x you'll need a tripod. And if you're shooting handheld, well then you want to keep the handheld effect. And a stabilizer doesn't make it look like a steadycam. And is the image stabilizer look desirable? I think not, it tends to make the image look as if it was "floating" inside your wievfinder, in all directions for no particular reason other than to compensate for your shaking. (Basicly I don't like image stabilizers!). The Panasonic is a really good camera and comparing quality and price it's a winner. At least so said most european video and computer magazines when it was released. (It's good to see you made it this far with my school english). Anyway I hope you have a lot of fun with your future DV camera whatever your choise may be. - Xystein Lagerstrxm (student of media science at the university of Trondheim, Norway)

P.S Since I only do PC editing I didn't concider the analogue in.

-- Xystein Lagerstrxm (, November 10, 1999.

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