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I'm new to the Minox B, and the meter baffles me. Using it is obviously an intelligence test that I'm failing. I have some experience with conventional light meters, but can't correlate that to the "B". Can someone offer some guidance?

-- John Sonewald (, November 08, 1999



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Firs you need to set the ASA/DIN speed of the film, for example if your film is MINOCOLOR 100, SET the Minox B dial to 100. To use the meter, point the B to object, press the button on the meter,( not the shutter release !), then release the button, the meter will move to a postion, then turn the speed dial to align the ^ mark with the meter needle, for example you the meter ^ aligns with 200 on the speed dial, your shutter speed is now 1/200 sec.

When you turn the speed dial to align the ^, if the shutter it is in between two shutter speed, for example between 50 and 100 then the shutter speed is 1/75.

-- martin tai (, November 09, 1999.

John, You'll need to set the meter to the film speed when you load film. (When the camera is open.)

Go here for Monox B manual:

Bob Wright

-- Robert Wright (, November 09, 1999.

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