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Can anybody assist me in locating technical manuals for Millar DV and CVT controllers. I have very limited information on Thames Valley Products.Any help will be appreciated.



Thames Valley Controls

Give me a call. We have most of the boards in stock and have some information. B & B Elevator, Irving, Texas (972) 579-0067

-- William Blackshear Jr. (, November 09, 1999.


I worked for Millar N.Y. and C.V.T. was a separate department where they designed this equipment, back in the old days. And for job security, I guess, you could not get any manuals or write ups...You would have to snatch one from a new job site...When you had a problem you would have to call someone from C.V.T. and they would not let you see what they were adjusting or tell you what they did...We learned this equipment the hard way...Anyone from Millar N.Y. knows this equipment thoroughly...I know the equipment well and and still do not have much info. on paper.

-- Joe M... (, May 17, 2000.

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