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does anyone know if a PAL GL1/XL1/PD100 can be switched to shoot in NTSC? I've heard that the VX1000 and TRV-900 have this capability. Also, if NTSC shooting is possible with these cameras, do you still have access to all the camera functions and effects (e.g. shutter, 16:9, B&W, etc.)?

-- joshua litle (, November 08, 1999


I can assure you that the TRV-900, at least, does not have this capability. Read all about it in my FAQ:

-- John Beale (, November 28, 1999.

No! PAL cameras just cannot record in the NTSC format and viceversa. There are quite a number of technical reasons for this (which I shall not go into!).

-- Azhar Doctor (, January 08, 2000.

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