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I am shooting and editing w/ a Sony DVCam (Pro) and a Sony Vaio laptop with Adobe Premiere. I use the term "editing" loosely -- it's worse than pulling teeth. Crashes, eight hours to render a three-minute package, etc.. Adobe tells me Sony's capturing software is the problem.

My question is, WHAT software and/or laptop should I be using? I don't want to give up my camera, and I can't give up my mobility by switching to a PC -- how can I work around this problem?

-- Bernadette (, November 08, 1999


I find that the combination of a TRV900 and Final Cut Pro on an Apple PowerBook 400MHz system works just fine

-- Adam Bridge (, November 17, 1999.

You may want to look into EditDV by Digital Origin. Actually the next version of this program will be selling soon as Media 100 Cinestream. You see, Digital Origin merged with Media 100 over a year ago. I've been using the product since it was called Radius EditDV. It's a great, stable program unlike Premiere. I've edited programs over an hour in length. It's easier to learn tham Final Cut but doesn't have the compositing features of Final Cut. I use After Effects anyway for compositing layers. Try for more info on this product.

-- Mark Hopkins (, February 01, 2001.

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