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The Society is preparing an article for Lines South on SAL's rail car No. 2028, the shovel-nose unit that ran on the Tampa-Venice line in the 1960s. We especially need first-person accounts from any engineers or firemen who ran it. We could also use interesting stories from passengers. Same goes for the unit as SCL No. 4900 after the merger, when it ran on the ex-ACL Lakeland-Naples route; also, for those with long memories, SAL 2028 and sister 2027 when they held down other rail car runs in the 1950s or before such as Hamlet-Charlotte and Savannah-Montgomery.

Please post information or leads here, or contact Joe Oates, Editor, Lines South, Thanks.

-- Larry Goolsby (, November 08, 1999


Larry: There is a picture of Railcar #2028 on Warren Calloways Web Site. you can see it by going to As a child I saw #2028 many times as it traveled through Sarasota Fl.It originated daily in Venice where it then traveled to Sarasota. After picking up passengers in Sarasota it then traveled to the depot in Bradenton and then on to Tampa. It made the return trip with the Southbound leg in the afternoon. I had the opportunity to ride this train as a child with the railcar pulling the consist in 1963 from Sarasota to Tampa where the railcar was disconnected and another locomotive was attached to the train for the trip north to New York. It was a unique experience.

-- LES KEEGAN (LKEEGAN@HOME.COM), April 27, 2000.

A passenger car inspector at Hamlet in the late 1960's (a Mr. Hanson) told me that both cars as delivered were gas-electric drive, but No. 2027's engine caught fire while idling at the Hamlet passenger station. This may have been the end of this unit, but No. 2028 was rebuilt with a diesel prime mover.

-- Richard Lasater (, February 07, 2000.

If you guys don't already have one, but can get your hands on one I would be happy to donate decals for same. I've done the AC&F with the outline letters and the words MOTOR COACH, picture does not show numbers---------need help there--------i'm not positive but I think some of these were made either in O or O27, don't venture past HO very often. We're trying to do one for the old NS--------- good luck-----Wayne

-- Wayne gibson (, November 09, 1999.

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