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A selection of black and white work by the photographer is now online at covering travel, nudes, portraits and the classic themes

-- Arthur (, November 08, 1999


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Thanks for your cooperation.

-- Mason Resnick (, November 30, 1999.

pardon the frankness of this answer, but: the best way for a web site to annoy me is to *require* a specific browser, java, javascript, acceptence of cookies, etc.

you managed to push two button (must use ie, must use javascript) in less than 20 seconds.

sorry, but i won't be making a return trip.

(sidebar: people seem to enjoy black&white for it's simplicity, yet far too many web site designers make horredously complicated sites to showcase their simple/elegant photos. i'm amazed more people don't see the contradiction.)

-- annoyed viewer (, November 30, 1999.

I'm sorry you thought so, maybe you should have read on. 'must use ie' - more like must use ie or netscape (though the netscape version is not yet finished we aim to have it done this week). As for javascript, I think you'd find the same thing with most sites out there. Tell me of a good photo site using no javascript and working on all browsers under the sun, I've never seen one.

Apparently about 93% of people are now using version 4 browsers from either netsacpe or microsoft so we thought we might do something taking advantage of the special features in these products. Not just making things complicated for the sake of it (do you know how dull it is writing javascript programs?) but doing so to 'add value' for the site's visitors. Showing photos to an internet audience is not an easy thing to do well and the technology available in the newer browsers is really much more suited to the job.

I'm sorry you won't be returning, if you do get the chance to do so with a v4 browser you may be suprised by what you see, or you may still think its junk but then thats up to you.

Thanks for your comments.

-- Arthur (, November 30, 1999.

Sorry but I gave up on this site. I didn't get to see any pictures. "Too many Java script errors". ?????


-- David Cammack (, December 10, 1999.

Enjoyed your photographs and site, which works quite well on IE5 - only one remark: why to open it in a new window? It is anoying and mostly inconvinient. I personaly hate when web site impose on me a self-declared type browsers - by eliminating the menues and buttons and other navigation tools provided by my browser. If i want to create a bookmark to a specific page I would like to do so.

My advice: throw out all the javascripts you waist your time on, and make a simple, thumbnailed site - so we can concentrate on images and not on gimicks!

-- Zeev Kantor (, December 31, 1999.

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