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I'm a bit confused over the whole Carol/Doug situation. Part of it is because I felt Doug's departure was WAYYYY too quick -- he and Carol were so involved, it seems odd that he would suddenly just up and move across the country and they would have no further contact. So: did Doug ever get the letter that Carol started to fax him? (I assume this letter told him she was pregnant?) Or did the letter get chewed up in the fax during the power outage, and thus we are to assume Doug has no idea Carol is pregnant? I think Carol and Doug are "meant to be", but would Carol not be something of a doormat to let him "sweep back in" and play happy family with the twins after he's basically deserted her and let her go through all the trauma of being left and the pregnancy alone?

-- Irene March (, November 04, 1999


I don't remember what became of Carol's letter, but in the episode following "Power" ("Responsible Parties"), it is revealed that Carol had an off-screen phone call with Doug about her pregnancy (so he does know), but then in the same call, asked/told him not to come back, because she'd never know if he was just coming back because of a paternal obligation. And this is where the descent into plot stupidity began....Hope that helped.

-- Chris A. (, November 05, 1999.

Carol faxed the letter the Doug explaining her pregnancy and what she expected of him. I agree with Mark that he would come right away when he found out, but Carol being the most stubborn person, told him not to come. So he respected her wishes and didn't come, only she wanted him to, only she didn't, but she really did, and yada yada yada.

Now everyone is acting like he never existed. I wonder how they're going to handle it when the baby comes at thanksgiving.

-- Jackie Ripple (, November 08, 1999.

That's true, they DO act like Doug never existed. They never even show scenes of Carol's home like they used to. But then again, it seems like after Susan Lewis left the same thing happened ... will it happen after Carol and Jeanie leave, too? I hope Corday gets more screen time, because I feel like we're losing all the great women characters!

-- Irene March (, November 12, 1999.

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