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Before I post some recent sightings I want to ask everyone a question. Sightings that I post probably don't necessarily fall under the "Question and Answer" catagory but they interest me and I thought I would share them with everyone else. If ya'll feel I am cluttering up the Q&A forum, let me know and I will refrain from posting them. I haven't heard any complaints to this effect but it has crossed my mind at times. Just let me know if you'd rather I wouldn't. That being said, heres a recent posting I found:

Subj: Fwd: Private cars on the Thomaston District Date: 99-11-02 11:34:16 EST From: To:

Now for something a little different...

Private cars "Silver Express", "Silver shore", "Silver Chalet" were in GO3's train this date. The three cars will remain in Barnesville, GA today and travel down the branch to Thomaston, GA tomorrow.

The three stainless steel cars, a baggage car, diner, and a dome observation modified with a rear platform are owned by the Quad Graphics Corporation. This is the first time in four years they have been here. If the previous pattern holds, they will be spotted at one or the other Quad plants at Thomaston or The Rock, GA.

Gary L


Numerous postings have discussed NS's recently announced improvements they will be making in an attempt to handle the influx of traffic from the Conrail break-up. One of these improvements includes an expenditure to upgrade the former CofG line from Columbus to Birmingham as a way for Midwest-Florida traffic to bypass Atlanta. I haven't heard or seen any details but I would assume any improvement would include increasing the heights of the tunnels near Birmingham so as to be able to handle intermodals/double stacks. Anyone heard anything...???...what type work???? many trains to operate via this line..????

******************************************************************************* #93 (Albany to Dothan turn) today (11/3/99) had the following engine consist: HATX 512 (Ex-Guilford GP-40-2) CN 9634 (GP-40 wide cab) and NS 3296 (High nose SD-40-2). Until recently not your typical power down this way. Crew of #93 reports they have had some of the newer NS 6 axle GE wide cabs and UP units also.

Bryan Smith Columbia Alabama

-- Bryan Smith (, November 03, 1999


T&S gang is working the Dothan dist.from j340.5 back to albany. Saw gang working in leary,ga. today. Track looks alot better. Also, found out they are to t&s dothan to j340.5 in oct,2000.

-- (, December 08, 1999.


I'm always interested in the "Central", whether it be current info such as you posted, or info from the past.......I sure would like to see those cars, but will be out of if anyone happens to photograph them, how about letting me know...... Just my two cents worth.........Regards,

Robert Yancey

-- Robert Yancey (, November 04, 1999.

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