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I have both SQL 7 and 6.5 on the same NT domain running TCP/IP only protocol.

I have linked the SQL 6.5 server in SQL 7 Linked Server. I have several stored procedures that reference the sql65.database.owner.tablename. However, I am running into alot of query time out in the front end. by the way I am using MDAC 2.1.2 (what ever the latest version is)

Is there anything in the settings or limitations that I need to worry about when connecting these two servers togther?

Once I get the Time Out error, I pretty much log out, and get back in and it works again. Any suggestions?


-- Anonymous, November 03, 1999



I found this message posted by Joe Vivona, on microsoft.public.sqlserver.connect:

I figured this out the other day.... Since 6.5 -> 7 linked servers use ODBC to connect , the slow-up has been our ODBC driver & we've actually proven this by tracing the connection. I've connected 2 SQL7 servers together using OLE DB & the performance is decent (as long as my network isn't getting hammered). The same query using 6.5 & ODBC drags down significantly (something to do with getting all of the data & then filtering it - but maybe can give you some insight into this)... Joe --- Joe Vivona VP Applications Development KPI Technologies Inc

Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, November 08, 1999

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