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Hello - I'm on a Power Mac 7200/120, system 7.6.1 (sympathy cards appreciated). Anyway - I can't seem to change the name of the hard drive from "Jane's HD" to "Bret's HD". When I click on the name under the icon, it highlights black, without the option to type in the new name.

I've changed the name under the sharing set-up, so on the other networked Macs in the office, if you go to the chooser, it says "Bret's Mac" - but when you connect it still says "Jane's HD".

Thanks in advance.

-- Bret Kerr (, November 03, 1999


All you need to do is start up from either a floppy, CD or another hard drive. Then when the machine has finished starting up, that start-up disk will be the "main disk" with your "Jane's HD" as an icon whose name you can change by simply re-typing it.

-- R. Midland (, May 11, 2000.

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