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Today: November 02, 1999 at 11:15:49 PST

DMV computer gets extra month of fixes


Deloitte and Touche, the vendor for the glitch-plagued Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety's computer system, has extended its service contract for one month to Dec. 7.

Nevada Assemblyman Bob Beers, R-Las Vegas, chairman of the oversight committee on the DMV's $35 million Genesis computer system, said he was informed by Gov. Kenny Guinn's office of the agreement late last week and, as a result, postponed a scheduled Friday meeting.

"We will reschedule that meeting to Nov. 16 to gather information to present to the Interim Finance Committee on Nov. 17," Beers, president of a local computer consulting business, said Monday.

"I have a much happier feeling now than I did before I got the news (of the service contract extension)."

In October, Beers told the Sun and the Sun's nightly television news magazine, "POV Vegas," that he felt there was no chance that Deloitte and Touche would be able to identify and repair major bugs by the previous expiration date, which would have been Sunday.

"The key now is that there is a chance that we can get the critical ones fixed by Dec. 7," Beers said.

Those glitches led to waits of up to eight hours at DMV offices and caused a backup of mail-in registrations for several weeks.

The cost of the contract was part of the overall cost of the project. However, repairs beyond Sunday would have cost extra -- a sum that would have been paid by taxpayers.

It was on the Oct. 8 airing of "POV" that Beers said: "I just learned that the current contract for Deloitte and Touche to fix all urgent bugs will be up 30 days from today. After Sunday, the state has to pay to fix those problems."

Beers said the problem with fixing the DMV system quickly is that critical bugs prevent other steps from being completed. He said that at the rate such problems were cropping up, it would have been impossible to identify and fix them all by Sunday.

Attempts Monday to reach John Lemelin, Deloitte and Touche's project manager for the DMV system, were unsuccessful. State offices were closed in observance of the Nevada Day holiday.

In a prior interview, Lemelin said some of the problems the firm was addressing in the DMV system that went online Sept. 7 were enhancements that incorporated suggestions from users to make it more efficient.

Lemelin expressed confidence that his firm would be able to address the problems within the warranty period.

Officials at Deloitte and Touche headquarters in New York have been contacted for comment. Company spokesman David Mandell said all questions had to be submitted in writing.

The Sun e-mailed his office questions about the DMV computer and the company's troubled $20 million Family Tracs computer at Clark County Family Court Services two weeks ago. There has been no response.

In the wake of the DMV computer problems, the Sun reported in its Oct. 15 editions that the Deloitte and Touche-installed Juvenile Court computer installed in April 1998 had, among other problems, difficulties converting records from the old system and was issuing duplicate numbers for some cases.

The glitches affect records that are kept on both abused and neglected children and on crimes committed by juvenile delinquents.

-- Homer Beanfang (, November 02, 1999


Aha. Until December 7! What an appropriate date...

(For you non-historians, it is Pearl Harbor day...)

-- Mad Monk (, November 02, 1999.

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