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Well, since I was using 3GI as a host, Where Liz Lives will be moving soon. I'll be looking around for a new, free, webhost - if you'd like to make any suggestions, here are my requirements: I need a LOT of space (Currently my site is around 20M - the photo album really eats up space), FTP transfer capability, and support for PHP3. (I was going to list JavaScript, that that's interpreted by the browser, not the server.) I don't like the idea of pop-ups, but I'll live with them if I must.

Any ideas?

-- Liz Brooks (, November 02, 1999


Um. If I knew what PHP3 was, I'd give you a list right now. I also don't know what *sort* of FTP capability you're looking for. I will instead give you a couple of good free web page directories (both of which have really nifty search capabilities) so you can look it up yourself.

The Free Webpage Provider Review

(See? You *knew* there was a reason you kept me around!)

PHP is a server-side scripting language, like ASP (Active Server Pages), but a different language. PHP3 is the third standards version of the language. (Hence the 3.) You can learn more about PHP at

-- Karen O. (, November 03, 1999.

Wow. PHP is pretty cool! (Darn, something new to learn...^_^) The descriptor you used wasn't a term I was familiar with, but the examples they gave on the site helped. According to the site, only about a fifth (okay, that's a big number, but still) of the total number of web servers support PHP. My guess is that you're best off picking out a generous handful of places you'd consider as hosts, and firing off some email to their support guys *asking* them if they can handle PHP. Not only will you find out one way or the other, but the speed and intelligence of their reply might also help you decide which host you want to go with. (I noted a number of really helpful reviews, too, on that one site I listed above...)

-- Karen O. (, November 04, 1999.

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