Will there be a need for staff photographers in 2005?

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I invite any comments on this idea:

By 2005 in some large markets, staff photographers may no longer be the most profitable choice at newspapers.

The market is absolutely flooded with websites and pjs who will cover any and all news events for peanuts.

Everything is assigned through daily web listings and picked up by independent digital pjs.

There are tons of newsphoto web sites offering gobs of product for cheap.

The cost of putting images in the paper is less, the quality and selection is more.

Does anyone think this could happen?

Does anyone think this could never happen?

Please email me (HeavyZ@aol.com) your thoughts and ideas on this.

I'd like to know what you all think about this scenario.

-- Matthew Hevezi (HeavyZ@aol.com), October 31, 1999


Hello, right now i write my high degree diploma (journalism) near this subject - Cover Photo at Dailys. One of the major problem is in lack of ethic at those who does the editorial work and image preparation. Dark rooms wanished, and now the image is handle by some computer frik knows nothing else but Photoshop. Remaking this image, which ("in acient times") before were in hands of photojournalist or man in a dark room, making it more colourfull and some times more dramatic with cutting the pieces from it - they actualy recreate the reality. Photography, which always was a document of something real, now become a fake - do you still belive in photo - or you belive in newspapers ethical stands. There is many more, just do not worry, there will be need for staff photographers in 2005.

-- ales ojstersek (kunigunda@siol.net), April 28, 2000.

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