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are tough - for sure.

Yesterday's stuff was about making a hypothetical tough choice that will likely never happen (you won't get to choose which evil your child chooses - if he chooses any at all) - but...

What about the real life tough choices. What's the toughest choice you ever had to make? How'd you play that one?


-- Catherine (, October 31, 1999


This is a tough one...

I've been thinking on it for a while. I think the toughest choice I ever had to make was leaving Alexander's father.

And I coped with it by making it - cutting the cord and never looking back into it. I think looking into it to see if I did the right thing would have inevitably led to remorse - an altogether icky thing.


-- Catherine (, October 31, 1999.

On a ledge, deciding whether to jump or not.

I didn't.

But I didn't decide. My body wouldn't do it, even though "I" had decided to do it.

Sometimes my body's pretty smart.

--Al of Nova Notes.

-- Al Schroeder (, October 31, 1999.

Tough choices-that is something I have not thought about-I suppose the toughest choice I had to make is to get out of bed and face another day in this dead world-to keep going from one day to next-to trust that inspite of the pain I feel in the middle of my being it is all worth it in the end-that it is all a part of God's plan for my life-it is tough choice to go to the next moment-one lives by faith in this momentary life-it is hope that sustains me as I go from one day to the next-quickening grace that keeps me making the tough choice to get out of bed-Jonny

-- Jonny Ray Keen (, October 31, 1999.

i think maybe i just made it. ...choosing not to force my will at my daughters expense even if she is doing that to me.

she's decided to move out..has a half ass plan that is just good enough that she will survive and not good enough to allow for more. she's 18...she hasn't graduated yet.

i...sorry, am reeling. she wants me to be 'happy' for her. could make things pretty miserable right now...trying not to...trying to remember the future still needs preserving between us. choosing not to all the things in reaction i want to.

pretty pissed she chose right before taking her sisters out to put this into motion. choosing not to let it be at their expense.

damn. sorry, i'll go away now.

Hey Linda ... Catherine here

Man, that sounds tough. It's hard when your kids are excited about something and want you to be for them - and yet you don't think it's the best thing for them.

You must be in big pain. I hope it's okay for you.


-- Lynda B. (, October 31, 1999.

I guess my hardest moment was probably tellng my 18 year old problem son that he had to get a fulltime job and move out when he graduated from high school, since he had no plans to go to college. He protested, but in the end he did, and he survived OK on his own.

He finally went to school did well,and is just fine now. He has since even apologized for the problems he caused for us all.

The fact is, he was always a great kid, who just got a little lost along the way. And it wasn't all his fault, either. In the end he finally came back to being a great adult.

Lynda, I know this moment must be very hard for you. FWIW, I've come to believe that kids are capable of a lot more than we give them credit for.I don't know your situation entirely, so forgive me if I am being presumptuous but...remember that living on your own requires a lot of time spent being somewhat responsible just so that you can afford it, if nothing else. Reality is gonna suck soon!That may change things some.

-- jo (, October 31, 1999.


I would have to say making some immediate decisions after being issued divorce papers unexpectadly last year was my hardest life decision. It was a matter of who would change first to help make the relationship last. It stares you right in the face and all I wanted was one more chance to at least make things better. It was mostly my fault and I had to admit it and do somthing about it. We are both helping each other more but giving each other more space. We both have more of a appreciation for what it's like to be single parent. We were separeated for a month and realised how much we depended on each other without knowing it.

-- Dale Wilkins (, November 01, 1999.

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