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I learned yesterday that the previous tenant left a large amount of debt when he disappeared.

I have been living in the flat for approx 3 months now, to discover several letters from Bailiffs to previous tenant threatening entry and reposession of personal property.

Can they do this to me, considering it isnt MY debt? Will they be issued a warrant? Do they have right to entry? is there any way I can alert them *all* that *I* live here now, and not previous tenant?


-- Timothy Clarke (, October 30, 1999


Hi Timothy

I think that your best course of action if you haven't done this already is to phone the debt collection agencies and explain the situation. It would also be wise to write to them individually attaching a copy of the tenancy agreement regarding the previous tenant. They cannot hold you liable for the previous tenants debts but you will need to communicate with the debt collection agencies to make sure that no more demands etc are sent to you - Good luck.


-- Jo (, October 25, 2000.

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