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Hello! I have a big problem with the basepath in the cfg file. My header, fotter and order file are located /www/midvision/ and my cgi are located /cgi/, in the ftp program. To gain acces to the cgi I must call them at:*.cgi + command I can only display the header if I use the path "." and place the html files in the cgi folder. But only the header file will be displayed. I want to have the html files in the folder "midvision", but what path should I use? I have tryed: "../www/midvision/" , "/x0566/www/midvision/" and many more. The site are located at and it is in swedish, the menu are on the left, till kundvagn = shoppingcart till kassa = buy items

Regards Henning from Sweden

-- Henning (, October 29, 1999


Need more data? I need to know the operating system of the server i.e. unix, nt etc. Ask your web provider for the answer, it may be something like /home/x0566-www/shop

-- Chas Cameron (, November 09, 1999.

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