Who develops 616 Kodak film?

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Hi. My name is Rod. I know absolutely nothing about cameras or film. But I do know that I tried A radius of 300 miles around my town to see If anyone can develope it and came up short. The film was taken some time in the late 50's early 60's by my grandparents. I had a roll of film From the same vintage but different size developed and the pictures came out only partly fuzzy. So if there is anyone who can shove me in the right direction to getting it developed, That would be greatly apreciated. Cost is almost no object!!!!

-- Rod Badiuk (rbadiuk@hotmail.com), October 28, 1999


Response to Who developes 616 Kodak film?

Try http://www.photomall.com/ffc1.htm (Film for Classic and Antique Cameras). They sell the film and process it.

-- Ed Buffaloe (edbuffaloe@unblinkingeye.com), October 29, 1999.

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