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Okay, so my birthday is in a little less than two weeks. I'm looking for suggestions of ways to celebrate - what to do, where to do it, who to do it with... (Keeping in mind that I have to go to work, unfortunately.) Ideas, anyone?

-- The Dragon Herself (, October 28, 1999


Well, for starters, skip work. Or call in sick. Whatever. Working on your birthday just drops the fun level down a couple notches.

(Yes, it feels odd to respond to this here instead of just wandering upstairs and talking to Liz about it. But, if I'm at my desk studiously typing away, it really looks like I'm hard at work. Back to the issue at hand.)

Okay, so now you've got the whole day off. What do you do? Step 1. SLEEP IN! Until at least 10AM or so. Late enough to get plenty of extra sleep, but not so late that a huge chunk of the day is gone. This is your birthday! You can probably have more fun while conscious. :)

What to do with the rest of the day? Treats! Lunch somewhere nice. Cheese Shop? Padows? Whatever. Savor lunch. Chew each bite with a smile, thinking "This is my birthday, I'm having a great lunch, and there's so much more to come!"

After that? Why. what not to do? You could go to the movies! Go to Barnes and Noble for a couple hours! Go for a walk around your neighborhood (weather permitting)! Do stuff you haven't done in a while!

Dinner! Get that lazy husband of yours to make dinner, and tell him to invite some friends over to enjoy your birthday with you.

So... anyone else have an idea?

-- Matt (, October 28, 1999.

Jeez, Liz, we're already coming to a Halloweenie party this weekend! Why don't you and Matt have a joint b-day party sometime in the middle of the month and let us have a break! :)

I might even make you a cake, if you give me enough time...


-- KT Hicks (, October 28, 1999.

I like what that poster up above said about getting your weenie husband to cook for you. Actually, having him wait on you hand and foot for the day wouldn't be half-bad either. Breakfast in bed? (This would probably necessitate HIS calling in sick, also. Such a devoted guy.) I would also recommend rounding the day off with a nice, luxurious bubble bath. After all, you've got a tub, don't you?

-- Karen O. (, October 30, 1999.

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