What can you tell about people?

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From the way they write. Journals or posts or emails.

Now, I'm not so good with emails, right? Right.

But I was thinking - I wonder if people really do twig onto what you're like in person by the things you say and the way you write.

So, if you came to my house for coffee or tea, lemonade or vodka martinis, coke on ice or hot chocolate - or whatever .... what would you expect to find?

I'm going to answer every post with what I'd expect to find based on what you expect to find. A little game of amateur kitchen psychology.

What say you? I'm in the mood to have some fun. Come on, eh?


-- Catherine (catherine@cmjcom.com), October 28, 1999


Now, now. I'm respondig so that I can get a reply from you. I would expect to see many bookshelves with literature and computer programming or HTML books. There would also be some self-help books and art books. Your would probably have a stack of legal and medical papers sitting on a table somewhere collecting dust while you procastinate on what to do with them. There would be a tea cup and pack of cigarettes sitting next to the computer along with some negatives and your sony digital camera real close by.

You would be listening to some jazz music like maybe Diana Washington at night when your thinking about the future, or maybe Ella Fitzgerald on a sunny morning. You would probably fix a great italian meal with a red burgandy wine for dinner. And most important is that I would notice how improtant your kids are to you and the loving relationship they have for you to.

Talk to you later and take care


Hi Dale ... Catherine here ...

Well, I do have lots of books - you're right about that - but not many on programming or HTML. I cheat on those things these days - and as my book collection (fiction, mostly) grew I started to get rid of the old programming books.

Heh - yup - I have some art books and some self help stuff. Which I never read. D'oh, eh?

I'd more likely cook a roast beef - but could do the Italian, too. Heh.

Now you ... hmmmm .... I'd say you're very friendly, in a make-people-at-home sort of way so you'd probably offer me stuff to eat and drink right away.

Then you'd show me some of your things. The things that are important to you. I think you like to share that way. You have a lot of pictures and mementos, I bet.

Um I'd say your house is comfortable in a cluttered (but clean) sort of way - with a lot of things about. Travel and picture books, literature/new-agey sort of stuff - I'm thinking.

I bet you like to talk. We'd talk all bloody night - heh.

Light furniture and decor?

Okay, the psychic needs to change a load of laundry. Heh.


-- Dale Wilkins (wsu737x@gte.net), October 28, 1999.

Ummmm....lot of photography books and magazines. Ten zillion projects started and as of yet unfinished, in a lot of different areas. Fine art prints--Van Gogh? Klee? Fiction is mostly paperback, and well- thumbed. Coffee cups left on the tables. Pizza rolls in the freezer, for a quick snack for the kids.

--Al, guessing like mad. Nova Notes.

Hey Al ... Catherine here

That's pretty amazing. Pretty accurate - right down to the Pizza rolls in the freezer. Not a lot of fine art prints, though - um - just one or two. ALmost all my art is original by Canadian Artists - or numbered prints - I favor prairie artists. Otherwise - you're a good guesser.

Now, it I were to go to your house .... BUSY comes to mind mostly. Shoes, lots of them, by the front door. Books and papers and stuff on the tables and counters. Your comics somewhere in a closet.

Comfy eating area? Like a meeting place?

I see lots of family pictures on your walls.

Disorderly CD collection. Heh.

Catherine Wheee! This is fun.

-- Al Schroeder (al.schroeder@nasvhlle.com), October 28, 1999.

First thing that comes to mind is HONEY ,Herbal Teas,10 kinds of Coffee.A kitchen that has the feel of intimatcy,chairs that are comfortable but keep your back straight.These being made of a wonderful textured wood.A halfful ashtray that is not really an ashtray.The smell of bread baking mixed with a sweet aroma from a far away land.Signs of your children scattered about,a sweater hanging over the back of the chair,an English paper half finished,dictionary with several pages bookmarked with shreads of brown paper bags.Fruitbowl with the apples left for last.From somwhere in the room I feel the presense of either a Goddess,or smiling budda looking down at me.I have my choice of what mug or tea cup to drink from*( this gives you yet another way to discern my character.I also HEAR COLORS in this place,and I smell sights.The walls reach out to you of their fine history.This place says "Make yourself at home or go home."Mixed metaphors are served daily...................

Hey DeeJaye ... Catherine here...

Wow - you guys are amazing. I was intriqued by the way so many of the answers seem so different and yet they are all so accurate in their individual observations.

The apples was a good touch - cause that's true.

The power you sense is from the gargoyles - my patron spirits. Heh. The colors is right on - everything is my home is colorful - if nothing else.

I bet your place has a good sound system. Reds and purples and pinks come to mind for some reason. Deep blues, perhaps.

I bet you're one of those people who makes other people feel comfortable right away.

Lots of books and CDs and thingies about, I'd guess.

Cats come up for some strange reason - do you have any?


-- Donna Faye Carter (DeeJaye53@hotmail.com), October 28, 1999.

Third try at this...the *&%^*(& VAX system at school (+ the ever popular Lynx) have eaten this too many times!! Arg.

Ok, if I were to drop by it would be for tea, and it would be in your glorious red room. I imagine it to be a place with little objects d'art and interesting figures and images, all with some kind of memory or significance or story attached to them. At some point I'd imagine that we'd go into the garden and get our fingers dirty picking herbs and rubbing them to release the wonderful smells. I imagine that we'd end up flitting from topic to topic, sometimes breathless and inarticulate, trying to "catch up" and express our thoughts and tangents of our minds.

At some point I'd start snooping around your books because I can't resist seeing what other people read. I imagine that you'd have a wide range of interests and topics on art, other places and literatures. I probably couldn't resist grabbing out something interesting and gulping down a couple of pages, perhaps reading aloud if the urge hit me.

If the invite extended to supper, I'd imagine it to be a fragrant curry, with us both together cooking in the kitchen, sipping port or kir perhaps and getting carried away so we'd kind of burn something or another minor disaster would result that we'd laugh off and go on our merry way.

A great fun question. I've savoured my imaginary meeting, rolled it around my mental lips if you would...fabulous.

Hey Kate - Catherine here ...

Hey! That sounds great. No doubt about the burning something. Me and port and the kitchen - not a great combo! Heh. Yeah, I can imagine you going home with a great big bag full of books to read. LOL.

I bet if I came to your place we'd start with tea - I bet you even have some green tea.

Music comes to mind - we'd play - or listen - or both.

Hey! You could teach me some fencing stuff!

I bet we'd laugh a lot!


-- Kate (chris.gould@sympatico.ca), October 28, 1999.

A splendor of riches, in the smallest and most important things. Good, good tea, probably the kind you put in an infuser to brew. Coffee from fresh-ground beans. Teacups (and mugs) of all sizes, shapes, and colors, and of every vintage. Lots of eclectic art and photographs. Some things new, some old, but with more emphasis on things which are treasured and give pleasure to the senses than on presenting a sense of order or decorum. A glimpse into a life lived richly, fully, gloriously, and fully awake.

Thank you for opening a window into your life, Catherine. It is much appreciated.

Gail Snyder Shochet Quiddity shochet.home.mindspring.com/quiddity

Hey Gail - Catherine here ...

Aw ... how lovely that sounds. Even I got caught in it! Yes, you could drink your tea or coffee from a variety of vessels - for sure! Heh.

I bet we'd plant somehwere and never move - yak, yak, yak. Heh.

You feel crafty to me. Lots of natural feeling things. Earthy stuff.

Thank YOU for sharing - this has been very, very cool.


-- Gail Snyder Shochet (shochet@mindspring.com), October 28, 1999.

I'd find vibrant color and lots of excitement - music playing, food cooking (and the enticing smells to go with) - a feast for the senses. I'd look askance at that white couch (pressure! don't spill anything!) and find someplace patterned to sit, I think - enjoying the play of sunlight on the floors, the art, the books - and you. I'd expect a little confusion, a lot of laughter, and some wonderful food to go with that gourmet coffee. I'd expect, in short, a place fully alive, teasing every sense to wakefulness.

-- Catherine (hinesc@mindspring.com), October 29, 1999.

Well, I very carefully try not to cultivate (conscious) expectations about meeting people face to face for the first time. As to the surroundings, two words that sprung immediately to mind: snoop (what I would want to do among all your neat books and music and various shtuffs). backyard (aka garden. all those lovely plants and flowers and objects and real Canadian dirt!) yeah.

-- Marianne Aldrich (marseillaise@hotmail.com), October 30, 1999.

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