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Anybody know if you can turn a NTSC vx-1000 and make it record PAL using a RM-95 remote. I've been to several websites that give codes for other sony models, but so far nothing on the vx-1000. After seeing the DV feature Celebration and watching all the super shaky handheld shots not blur or flicker it's obvious PAL is the way to go.

-- win edson (, October 27, 1999


i had talked to a guy from RES magazine at siggraph. he told me that changing the ntsc vx-1000 to PAL with the rm-95 would only last a little while and then it would go back. he said it dameged the camera and he didnt recomend doing it. he did not have first hand experience though, it was through a friend that he got his information.

-- Aaron Chapplin (, October 28, 1999.

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