What should Liz do with her hair?

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So... I'm looking for a new hairstyle - something low-maintenance, not too outrageous, but versatile. I know, I ask a lot from my 'do... Any ideas? Links to pictures would be fantastic, but simple descriptions would do.

-- The Dragon Herself (brooksliz@hotmail.com), October 27, 1999


How about a top knot? :) Seriously, I like your hair the way it is. I think braiding would look good as well. WAH!!! I miss my hair!

-- Jeff Fiscus (koros@usit.net), October 27, 1999.

Jeff, altough Liz may have certain (ahem) manic individuals living in her household, she is NOT a kender. NOT NOT NOT. ::pant, pant::

Now, with that out of the way, I think Liz's hair would look great dressed with smaller braids...but of course I can't just make a random suggestion without giving you a way to follow up on it. So...

Hair Boutique: Braids has a whole list of cool articles on braiding, along with pics and step-by-step how-to's. I'm particularly fond of the Heidi or Tiara braid-- my Oma always used to braid my hair like that.

Hair Boutique: Long Hair Info & Styles (on the same site) has a lot of good information on styles that look particularly good in longer hair. Now, some of these are kinda funky 'cause they come straight off the Paris runways, which is just *not* what humanity looks like. But they've got some good general tips, nonetheless.

ILHC: Elegant Styles is a pretty cool article with multiple styling suggestions for really long hair. It's part of The International Long Hair Club site, which has a whole buncha links like this, and some neat pics.

I can't remember which site it was, but one of those above had a link about face-framing styles and Elizabethan braids-- I think some of those would look particularly cool on you. ^_^

-- Karen O. (lisl_1@yahoo.com), October 28, 1999.

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