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I'm creating a table with columns names : 1- 'id vein' 2- 'ph'

When i'm opening the table in MS SQL Entreprise Manager, i receive this error message :

error 21271 : The name 'id vein' is not a valid object identifier, or is not a valid format for this property or method.

When i'm using Access to open the table i don't receive any error message.

What should i do to avoid the error message ?

thank you.

-- Anonymous, October 27, 1999


Kim Thanh,

Your first column name has an embedded space, as such, it must be enclosed in double quotes rather than single quotes. Every time the column name is accessed, the name must be surrounded with double quotation marks (") and the session option QUOTED_IDENTIFIER must be turned on.


Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, October 27, 1999

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