What's your favorite hockey movie?

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I'm sad to admit that I haven't seen a ton of hockey movies. Last year I caught part of The Mighty Ducks Part III on television. And this summer I finally rented Slapshot. But I know there are a ton of other movies out there. Any recommendations? What's your favorite film? And can you get beyond a mediocre storyline so long as the action is about hockey?

-- Ann (ann@sporto.org), October 27, 1999


Hey there Ann!! Its not that you haven't seen too many hockey movies, its that there simply AREN'T too many hockey movies. Its funny, of all the sports, the one with the most action, and I can think of only a handful of titles. And I admit it, every time Slapshot is on, I'll watch it. Why? Because its hockey, that's why!!

Favorite? Probably have to be "Miracle on Ice." ABC Television did a show about the 1980 US Olympic team, in 1981. The guy that plays Mike Eruzione looks dead on like Mike Eruzione!! It has a fair amount of on ice stuff, but the most interestng stuff was the background of what took Herb Brooks (Karl Malden) to put/keep a bunch of college guys together and beat the clearly better team in the CCCP squad. And I get misty eyed when at the end they go through and show the actual guys getting their medals, and then have Al "Do you believe in Miracles?" Michaels doing a voice-over of where they ended up playing in the NHL (or overseas).

I can still remember yet laying on the living room floor watching that game on our old Hitatchi television. By Christmas I had one of those old Atari(?) handhelds that beeped as the puck moved around the half-sheet of ice, and when the team made the Sports Illustrated "Man" of the Year my best friend and I would quiz each other to see who could remember every players name. (People thought we were a bit odd. I mean we're talking the SF Bay Area in the 1980s!!)

-- Robert Marshall (robertjm@hockeyhockeyhockey.com), October 27, 1999.

"Strange Brew" had some very dramatic and technically accurate hockey sequences. I think.

-- I'm not going to tell you (sleep_impaired@hotmail.com), October 28, 1999.

HAPPY GILMORE YOUNG BLOOD SLAPSHOT MIGHTY DUCKS MIGHTY DUCKS 2 MIGHTY DUCKS 3 or what about that simpsons where Lisa is a goalie and Bart as a forward goes against her. Now I think any of these could be picked as the best hockey movie.

-- kim (kim.e@dial.pipex.com), November 10, 1999.

i have an odd fondness for "mighty ducks". (and my college is the dining hall in "mighty ducks 3".) though i like the hockey sequence in "the cutting edge" a great deal, too.

-- aggie (donkara@carleton.edu), November 25, 1999.

In Quebec, Canada, there are two great hockey movies called "Les Boys" and "Les Boys II". I am not sure how they translate but they are hilarious in french - its about a league team, sponsored by the local pub (brasserie in french), who have to win a game in order for the Pub owner to keep his pub away from a gangster. The 2nd one is where they go to Europe for a tournament. Cheers, Love your Hockey Diaries!!

-- Paul Berry (jpaulberry@hotmail.com), December 08, 1999.

What about SLAPSHOT!!!!!!! The Hanson brothers from the movie are actually the Carlson brothers and they played hockey for my highschool (Virginia MN)---- Wow-SCORE!!!!

-- Jen Varani (jenv_08@yahoo.com), December 15, 1999.

"The Game of her Life",a documentary about the Canadian Women's Olympic Ice Hockey team, bound for Nagano (1998).Their preparation for the games, trials and tribulations. A glimpse at elite womens hockey from the inside. V. V. Inspirational & cool. Any female hockey player worth her salt has GOT to see this one.

-- Scary (szn@sparke.com.au), June 06, 2000.

Favorite hockey movie? Definitly the three Mighty Duck movies...I've seen all of them at least 25 times each. Some other hockey movies...Rookies, Youngblood and some Disney ones: H-E Double Hockey Sticks (kinda lame and boring, but still involving hockey) and there was another one, can't think of the name.

Anyone see MVP (Most Valuble Primate) about the monkey that plays hockey? I didn't get to see it, no theatres around here would show it.

Plus there's one coming out in a year or so, about Travis Roy, the Boston University (or maybe its Boston College) player that was paralyzed in the first 10 seconds of his first college game.

-- Jennie (Jen29H@aol.com), November 15, 2000.

Well I was finding it hard to find movies about hockey because there aren't many out in Australia except the mighty ducks series.... but that gets boring after about 10 times. But I thought Mystery Alaska was pretty good.

-- Alana Keogh (rarry_01@hotmail.com), January 01, 2001.

Ok I have seen all the hockey movies in theaters like Mystery Alaska and Mighty Ducks(more times than I can count) and Slapshot but I am really interested in seeing the documentaries people are mentioning like "The Game of her Life" and "Miracles" but where can I find them? Are they in video stores or what? Also does anyone know if there was any video or documentary made about the USA Womens Hockey team(even if it was just some tv thing? I have gotten the book Crashing the Net and have to say I enjoyed it immensley but now I want to see more. Please help me out if u can. Reply by email please cause I dont know if I will make it back here.

-- Diana (DianaH84@aol.com), January 21, 2001.

The best hockey movie ever has to be "Boys on the Bus". Its about the Edmonton Oilers dynasty of the 80s. For someone who has played hockey or just loves hockey, this will bring you to tears. I wish I could find a copy of it myself, a friend of mine had it.

-- Eric Fredrickson (fredwa19@yahoo.com), May 10, 2001.

Slapshot is by far the best hockey movie ever made and i hope the second one will be even better. The hansons are the greatest, the fights are great, and who can forget Dave the Killer. Also the goalies are actually good, not like in the duck movies when the goalies were often caught on the wrong side of the net.

-- Brandon Nahrgang (nahrgang18@hotmail.com), July 20, 2001.

I dont know who says the mighty ducks are the greatest hockey movie ever but you have problems the three top hockey movies are slapshot, youngblood, and noone has mentioned this one Strange Brew. They were the mckensie brothers that only played hockey and drank beer. Some might remember them from the molsen commercials but those commercials are based on the movie.

-- francois (ferocious23@aol.com), October 02, 2001.

The 1972 summit series movies with canada wining it on Paul Henderson Goal Heard round the world!

-- Dallas Schwanke (schwonk@hotmail.com), October 13, 2001.

Best hockey movie definitely has to be Slapshot! Lets be serious now, that damn Dennis Lemieux is a crazy bastard. He had some of the best lines ever! How could any other movie be picked?

He love her...he tell me, I love her. He's got a big cock, like a horse. My hallergies, they make me puke. BLAH! You go in the box, 2 minutes...you feel shame, but then you come out and its ok.

-- Hugh E. Rection (LikeAHorse@hotmail.com), October 14, 2001.

Well, I like all three Mighty Ducks movies the best, but I also like Sudden Death - a sub plot is that there is an insane guy who is trying to blow up the President during a Penguins/Blackhawks game. Not the best choice in these times, but it's quite a cool movie - Jean Claude Van Damme tries to play goalie! I also like Ronnie & Julie (an ice version of Romeo & Juliet Disney movie) and H E Double Hockey Sticks, and of course Slapshot, Happy Gilmore and Youngblood. Plus a few more which escape me!

-- Emma (emma87_99@yahoo.co.uk), October 16, 2001.

I have yet to see "The Boys II." Does anyone know where I can get a DVD copy here in California? I couldn't find it on hmv.com or Amazon. I have "The Boys" on DVD and I HATE the dubbing. The voice- over actors are awful and lifeless. I saw it on VHS with subtitles and it was so much better. If you want to watch a real hockey movie, this is the one.

-- Jason (hat_trick61@uclabruins.com), December 03, 2001.

I second Eric's suggestion for the 1987 Edmonton Oiler's documentary video the "Boys on the Bus".It is a must see for any true hockey fan.This video provides a fun behind the scenes look at one of the greatest teams ever to have laced up skates. What the Oilers accomplished on the ice was pure magic and is well documented, however it's the unique perspective of the team commraderie that makes this video a real gem. The highlight has to be a hosed Wayne Gretzky sharing a duckhunting tale over dinner with teammates.There was also a "Boys on the BusII", which chronicled life after Wayne was "sold" off to LA.

-- Ed (edjonlich@hotmail.com), January 01, 2002.

Slapshot is a awesome movie...it is strange though because the equipment is ever so antiquated. It has some of the funniest scenes (The Hanson's 'Putting on the Foil', etc.)

I enjoyed 'Youngblood', I liked seeing the hockey, the fights, the breasts...ahh.

The Mighty Ducks movies are ok, the first one was great - and more based in reality - they should have skipped the second one and went straight to D3. D2 was so campy and out-of-reality that I felt embarrassed to be see at the theater watching it. D3 had some very juvenile campy scenes as well, but it kind of returned to the roots of the first movie...I rank 'em (1. Slapshot (2. The Mighty Ducks (3. Youngblood (4. D3

-- Greg in SC (radioannouncer@hotmail.com), January 02, 2002.

All three of the mighty ducks movie rock becaus ethey have really cute guys in them like josh jackson and vincent larusso

-- Anna (banksie_girl_99@hotmail.com), March 22, 2002.

I don't think anyone is giving Mystery Alaska enough credit. A group of bar league guys playing the Rangers and almost beating them? Outdoor hockey? One of the best. But still not Slapshot, the undisputed King of Hockey Movies. Slapshot II? What a piece of crap, but what do you expect when there's a Baldwin brother in it? What we need next is a Rudy-like movie about a player that has no chance of making it, but through super-human grit and determination, makes it. We could set it in a run-down steel town up North (like the one I'm from) and could star a newcomer that can actually play (not a slo-mo Rob Lowe). I'll start writing the script, you guys start pooling your nickels and we'll make it. Peace.

-- kristian niemi (kristian@logicsouth.com), April 06, 2002.

All those movies are so boring that I could fart!

-- Seymour Willis (brimo_007@hotmail.com), April 14, 2002.

H-E- double hockey sticks and Mystery alaska.

-- NOYB Dontasknomore (buffy81590@hotmail.com), April 20, 2002.

young blood was most definantly my favorit hockey movie of all time rob lowe, had a great perfomance, and the fight sequance at the end of the movie kicked ass

-- mike (dingelberry@charter.net), April 26, 2002.

THE MIGHTY DUCKS RULES!!other hockey movies sucks. bacause you can learn something in this movie like...hardwork etc. something like that, i don't see that in other hockey movies.what you can only see in other hockey movies is how they score and how they win.

-- gillian (jared_8teen@yahoo.com), May 09, 2002.

Oh God, I was hoping that Slap Shot 2 was going to be good, or at least OK. The only thing this "hockey chick" got from it was a serious case of envy for the coach's hair and hockey knowledge, but was skeeved by her choice in males (sorry, I can't call Stephen Baldwin a man).

I vote Slap Shot tops, followed by Mystery, Alaska, and then Mighty Ducks 1.

-- Lynn (ljackson@eclipse.net), July 18, 2002.

the best is for sure Slapshot. A couple that haven't been mentioned are from the 70's : Face Off (Canadian) and Love Story

-- chris (vantrigt.16@rogers.com), August 11, 2002.

Slap Shot is tops eh, I'd have to say Mystery Alaska over Youngblood. Both are good. There was a movie shown on HBO aboot 15 years ago that I would love to know the name of. Really similiar to Youngblood. The young rookie gets the bigs call up over the vet (Russian I think) at the end of the movie. Anyone remember this and know what the heck I am talking aboot?

-- Jake Kemple (ziagacity@hotmail.com), October 04, 2002.

These are mine in order so far: Mystery Alaska, Youngblood, Slap Shot (1&2), The Boys (haven't seen 2), The Mighty Ducks (all), and several un-named (or at least I can't remember the names of them) movies that had brief glimpses of hockey in them. I've been looking for 4 years now for "The Boys on the Bus" about the 80's Oilers, and I can't find it anywhere. The story line in "SS-2" was a disgrace. The only thing that saved that movie at all was the camera angles they used during the hockey sceens. I felt it, as little as there was to feel, I still felt it. "Ducks" 1,2,3, are real good when you need to feel better about life, but I feel they lack the real passion for the game that players and fans know all too well, but still, great pick me ups. "The boys" was great for a story on over the hill players trying to save a bar, but that was about it. "Mystery", "Youngblood", and "Slap Shot"(1) are by far the best to date. "Mystery" and "Youngblood" really get into the emotion, passion, speed, and life that is hockey. "Slap Shot", lets face it, it was the first, the best, and an instant classic. I tap my stick!!!

-- dj:EKG (ekg13@mail.com), December 10, 2002.

Love hockey movies! I am trying to locate a copy of the soundtract from Slapshot(1), but haven't been successful. Does anyone know a good source, or know who did the music? I was able to get the movie "Miracle on Ice" from Ebay recently. Also enjoyed Mystery Alaska. Anyone with any information ...let me know please........ Thanks Linda

-- Linda G (Ladyslipper5@yahoo.com), December 27, 2002.

(with a heavy french canadian accent)

favorite hockey movie? you gotta be kidding! Da best hockey movie ever is Slapshot, featuring de french canadian goalie who put his arm, you know, comme ša, before de odder guys, then play stop and start up... I got allergies from dose fokking'fans, you know, and s'pecially dose little hard rubber pucks I hate when dey go in my net! Aargh!!!!!

Rumors have Gasmer from SS2 being a freak. I'm da freak! I paint my mask to make it look mean! Skulls an bones always scare da shooters away!!!!! And da team goes to Florida an I get da money!

I wood like to see what da Hanson Brodders tink about dis crap about hockey movies. Dis is de best hockey movie EVER!

My email address is very good! But de answers will surprise you...

-- Denis Lemieux, From Slapshot (lhtso@sympatico.ca), January 09, 2003.

Slapshot is by far the best that I have seen. I've been looking for a copy of the 1980 Miracle on Ice Game (not the movie). Anybody know where I could get ahold of it?

-- Chris McGilliard (puckhead1168@yahoo.com), March 10, 2003.

I think the best hockey movie i've seen is mvp most valuble primate because its got a really cute boy in it named Steve.

-- Raven Marie Robinson (ravenrobinson63@yahoo.com), June 09, 2003.

Slapshot, Mystery Alaska and Youngblood. (in that order) Mighty Ducks were all horrible!!

-- Sn8wman (sn8wman@buckeye-express.com), July 30, 2003.

No one has mentioned one of my favorite hockey movies...which is set in Canada and is about a young girl who plays goalie on a boys team. It is a very sweet movie..one that perhaps few of you have ever seen. I'm under the impression that it was a made for TV movie rather than something made for the big screen. I'd appreciate an e- mail from anyone that might know the name of this hockey movie! Thanks.


-- Jim Clark (jc072651@aol.com), August 21, 2003.

1. Slapshot - nothing else is even close 2. Mystery Alaska 3. Youngblood (tea with Mrs McGill, a young man's dream) 4. Canadian Broadcasting Company made a movie a few years ago about the beginning of the NHL players union and how Ted Lindsay was screwed over by the league. Gordie Howe did not look too good in this movie. I cannot think of the name of this right now, but it was pretty good with some great historical hockey information. (one of the joys of old - the memory goes)

-- Joe Smith (wingman1952@hotmail.com), September 25, 2003.

That CBC movie was called "Net Worth". It is a real interesting look at how badly players used to be treated, and what it took for Lindsey to take on the league when no one else would.

-- Joe Smith (wingman1952@hotmail.com), September 25, 2003.

That CBC movie was called "Net Worth". It was a pretty good look at how badly players were trreated in the past.

-- Joe Smith (wingman1952@hotmail.com), September 25, 2003.

The movie about the girl is Hockey Night. My roomate from last year has it, we watched it to make fun of the corny lines and stuff... The first time I saw it I liked it, but that was years ago... I can't remember the name of this one movie I 've seen parts of, it may have been miracle on ice, but I don't know... It has a thing about the US winning gold at the olympics, but the captain dies before the olympics start. his fiance (or girlfriend) is a figure skater. the only clue I can give besides that is Oogie oogie oogie, oy oy oy... that was some chant the team said.

-- Amber Morison (Wanabeavet@juno.com), October 27, 2003.

The best Hockey movie ever was the 1957 release of "Five for Fighting" staring Doris Day and James Cagney. With a special appearance by the Marx brothers with a part similar to those brothers in Slap Shot.

-- Johnny Hockey (jetskee@hotmail.com), December 02, 2003.

I saw Five for Fighting and thought it was an excellent flick!!!

-- Carl Spinner (carl34@juno.com), December 02, 2003.

Slapshot. Then again I am from Johnstown, Pa.

-- Amanda (aln5195@sru.edu), December 12, 2003.

Slapshot is the Best Hockey Movie ever made for many reasons... Youngblood was pretty decent hockey movie for most part also... Slapshop II with Steph Baldwin is an abomination and should be stopped... It is a crime that this movie gets the name SlapShot II... Thats like if they named the crappy remake of Rollerball... Rollerball II, bad enough it even uses Rollerball name... Personally I think those movies should be forced to change their names... Cuz they are total Shit at best to be honest... Mighty Duck movies just like the hockey team are a slap in face of hockey... That the NHL even lets a team call itself The Mighty Ducks is a crime...

Bring Back The Winnipeg Jets :)...

Jody Shelley played for the Chiefs, he would fit in with Hanson Brothers :)...

-- Visnovsky (Verethorn@yahoo.com), December 13, 2003.

The movie about the hockey player who dies and comes back as a figure skater is called "Thin Ice" I think. Also check out the doco about the U.S. women's hockey team "One Goal At A Time: U.S. Women's Hockey and the Olympic Spirit" It's available online at www.onegoalatatime.com

-- Elly Sharpe (elly@mediaproductionhouse.com.au), January 19, 2004.

Hockey Night is the best movie ever..great lines and cool story. can anyone get me a copy of this??

-- Christopher hanson (hanscr@prodigy.net), January 23, 2004.

I've heard the new movie "Miracle" is supposed to be one heck of a good movie. Oh, by the way Visnovsky, I wouldn't trash people that can kick your butt in less than 2 minutes.

-- Kelsey O. (zherdevfan13@aol.com), January 27, 2004.

For sure the 3 Mighty ducks movis cuz of Adam he's so hot

-- Sydney Wickenden (SydneyRae18@Hotmail.com), March 16, 2004.

I think that the best hockey movies are Miracle,Slapshot, Youngblood, Hockey Night, The game of her life, Boys on the bus, h-e- double hockey sticks, and most valuble primate I LOVE THOSE MOVIES I LOVE HOCKEY I LOVE THE EVERETT SILVERTIPS (WHL)

-- Noelle Alexander (Snowrocker867@aol.com), May 26, 2004.

i love the mighty ducks movies banks (vincent a larusso) is so so so so FIT i love him 2 bits. i even have a website 4 this young man. www.freewebs.com/vincent_a_larusso its a good website lol.

-- Shelley ginn (banksies_girl_99@yahoo.co.uk), September 08, 2004.

Of course I love Slapshot along with Youngblood, Miracle and Mystery Alaska. But there was a made for TV movie on CBC called The Rookie. It's about a kid who gets drafted to junior hockey and his struggles there. I absolutely loved it but can't find a copy of it anywhere.

-- Hank (hsdyck@hotmail.com), September 10, 2004.

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