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First of all, great work on the website - for whomever is responsible. Secondly I just thought it appropriate to let you guys know who I am. I am the first official coach that FSU ever had - guys and girls - and one Joe Brennan's award winners for Penn AC. Do you know who I am? Come on now - I coached Mark and the gang to the finals at Dad Vails - I am responsible for their guidance to ACC champs and SIRA's. Do you know me? I rowed in the Royal Canadian Henley for Joe and helped him win the two gold medals he got there. Still don't know? I coached for one year (1996) and went on to walk on to the track and field team for my final year of eligibility (1997). The team was seventy strong when I coached - there are still a few of my oarsmen on your squad. An integral part in the recruiting process of Joe Brennan and an ex-division II national champ (Dad Vail) for FIT in the 1994 Mens Varsity Heavy Four. Joe definitely knows me - Mark and Jon will credit there growth onto the international scene, in part I'm sure, to me. The fact that I have yet to see my name on this sight - even in the history section - is a bit insulting but thats alright. All cockiness aside I am very proud of the experience I recieved at FSU and I hope the team can give some props to their first coach who hails from Edgewater High and remains willing to donate money and resources if approached by a board member. Still don't know my name - its Paul Clark - and tell my man Joe I said hello. I would love to be updated whenever possible and would be more than willing to donate some of the time I have to helping you guys further the team - please forward this email addy to Joe as I would love to catch up with him. If you would like me to I would be happy to write some history down on 1996 - the first real year in FSU crews history. Thanks for your time and keep your heads up, eyes forward, mind clear, and shoulders relaxed for me would you?

-- paul Clark (, October 26, 1999

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