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i have seen this question but cannot find an answer.

first i am using multiship for shipping. everything works right on html pages but in email to customer the shipping amount is double but the total is correct. i have tried cutting and pasting from recipient email, no luck! also taxes are correct on web pages but are not showing any amount in either emails. Any help would be appreciated.


-- Rick Worrall (, October 26, 1999


I'm looking for the same solution also. Please let me know if anyone knows the answer.

-- Julie Pauley (, January 08, 2000.

Not sure if this applies but if your charging tax by state..$tax = "1"..I had the same problem with the tax not showing up. Also the email total was less the tax. I found while testing that the only time it was right was when I entered the state in the order form exactly as defined in the .cfg file. (ie..%taxes = (TX,'.05'))

If the input was anything but "TX" it wouldn't show up. Conversely, if taxes were not selected and re-calculated into the form and they entered TX as the state they live, it would show the taxes in the emial. To solve this I added a pull-down option list for the surfer to choose the state they live in, with the options being the same as my .cfg file.

Hope this helps, Drew

-- Drew Watkins (, April 17, 2000.

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