Century Wide angle lens ... must it be the bayonet?

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I have the Sony vx1000 and I want to get the Century optics .65 wide angle lens and they claim that they have the bayonet version for the vx1000 but they aslo have 58mm screw-on for other cameras. My question is whether I can just get the screw on type, get a step ring and attach it without having to get the bayonet version?

This way I can use filters, etc ...

Thanks in advance!

-- Joe (covingto@sunshower.nascom.nasa.gov), October 25, 1999


answer to wide angle lense question

I got my own question answered by calling them. They said I could but that vignetting might happen with more filters.


-- Joe (covingto@sunshower.nascom.nasa.gov), October 25, 1999.

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