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Hello Eric,

I have a problem with a Security. I have two domains NT,one of us is the domain of production, in this domain i have a lot of computers, but they are just ten which i want to connect to database (The database is in the server). I want to know how can i revoke all another machine to connect to the database?

Also, i have five operators who update the database, but 3 of us they don't have a passwd, this problem is too big, because everyone who have SQLServer in his computer can connect to the database and he can update or drop something in the database.I want to who i can disconcerted every user to connect to the database except the operator, and every operator can connect to the database not in all computers but just in the computer which is the client of the sever of database??

Thanks for any help in advance. Note:I know it is a new question but you can give me just some idea or ways. I use SQLServer6.5, and NT4.0. The mode of security is standard

-- Anonymous, October 25, 1999



SQL Server standard security does not provide for distinguishing which computer is being used to access SQL Server. Standard security requires an explicit login and password to be provided. You manage the logins by creating groups within each database, with certain access rights for each group, and placing users in the groups. Typically, the user name is the same as the login name. You can read about how to properly set up standard security in the Administrator's Companion, Part 4 - Security.

(Note that when SQL Server is set up with integrated security, the Administrators group on the local computer is automatically mapped to the sa login ID. This can be disabled if you prefer.)

Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, October 26, 1999

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