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There is a charging order on my house,it was placed in march 99' i phoned the building society way back themn told them i was on a low wage and on benefits.However could i make token payments.I was told it was ok i could not afford it at the moment they would review it again later,but would take no action at the moment.This friday 22nd october i received a repossession order.I have had no contact with the lenders since march.Can they do this as i have not been given the chance of token payments.if so where do i go from here we have two small children to worry about.

-- stuart liggins (, October 24, 1999


As a person who as been down this road I suggest strongly that you get in touch with your local CAB or Housing advice centre they will work with you and work out a budget plan to meet your mortgage payments. However the best advice I can give is don't panic and don't take out a secure loan. See the CAB has soon as you can.

Their are there for you.

All the best


-- John Edward Bowley (, October 24, 1999.

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