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I am studying the narrative of ER - using primarily the episode directed by Quentin tarrantino (Motherhood) and would appreciate any ideas on whether ER, as an example of TV narrative, is concerned more with showing the emotions of characters than specific events...

Any feedback would be great...


-- Dan Mills (, October 23, 1999


Feels like events rather than emotions to me. That's the short answer. ER, at its best, effectively tells stories revolving around a half-dozen or so traumas every week- with another half-dozen lighter plot lines thrown in for balance (these usually involve comic relief characters or scenarios)- but it would be a lie to say it ignores the characters lives and/or emotions entirely. It has a great deal to do with how likable/popular the character is; then we get the occasional view of a doctor at home or with family (Greene, Benton, Doug&Carol). To better see the difference, check out CHICAGO HOPE. In my opinion, that show does just the opposite: almost all character emotions, and very little events.

-- Chris A. (, October 25, 1999.

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