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Hello S-Mart Users!

I am a novice at installing cgi scripts so please be gentle if you have a solution to this Internal Server Error problem. I am the administrator of the server where the cart resides, also a novice here. I realize it may be a problem with the server setup.

I received the smart.cgi, smart.cfg & valid.cgi from the credit card processor in combination with their real time credit card processing. They have not been able to resolve the problem either. Here is what is happening.

Everything works great until the customer finishes submitting the credit card info. Then they receive a screen saying "Congratulations your order was processed and their credit card was charged. Then it says click 'Continue' (a link) to finalize the transaction. This link is supposed to call the 'valid.cgi' move the order from the tmp directory to the orders directory, return the customer to a Thank-you screen where they can see a Summary of their order and give the customer the option to Return to the Merchant Site. When they click the 'Continue' link they instanteaneously get an Internal Server Error message.

Unfortunately, I can not go live with this situation even though the transactions will be completed and the customer and I receive a confirmation email message because it looks unprofessional and will give the customer the feeling that their order may not have been completed.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks' George

-- George Lanoue (, October 23, 1999


The program will delete the cart after you have confirm the purchase. Try find the "unlink($reffile);" in the "buy_items2" sub routine, this is the section where the cart will be deleted. You can replace the "unlink($reffile);" with the move routine.

-- God bless!

-- Patrick Chan (, February 14, 2000.

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