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Where is information available re: steam switchers used by the SAL in Andrews and Georgetown, SC in the early 40's? Specifically, what were they?

-- Jim Roquemore (, October 22, 1999


I made a mistake in my previous answer. There were ten F-5 switchers, not five. Sorry for the misinformation. Buddy

-- Buddy Hill (, November 11, 1999.

While I do not have any information on the type of steam switchers used at the locations mentioned, the most probable candidates would include the SAL L-5 class 0-6-0, the USRA F-5 class 0-6-0, or the F-7 class 0-6-0. Of the three switcher classes, I would bet on the L-5 class switchers being used at Andrews. From what I've seen, at the time you mentioned, Georgetown did not have a big enough yard to require a full time swither. The choice of L-5's at Andrews is based on the fact that there were only 5 F-5 0-6-0's on the SAL and the F- 7's (SAL's premier switcher) seemed to be used primarily in the larger yard and shop areas around the system. However, as the number of diesel switchers increased in the late 40's-early 50's, the F-7's were probably bumped to the smaller yards such as Andrews. (Diesels had the same effect on the ACL's E-14 0-8-0's - it's top line switcher). Other candidates for switching duties include H-1 class 2- 8-0s and the several classes of 2-10-0's that frequented the SAL EC line.

HOWEVER, this is all suposition on my part so take it with a grain of salt. Your best bet may be to locate a former SAL employee or a good source of photos. Good luck.

-- Buddy Hill (, October 27, 1999.

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