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My wife just bought a trv310. I am planning on purchasing an XL1 and want to buy (2)wireless mics, a hand held mic and a couple of shotgun mics. I also want to buy a dat recorder and sound mixer so I can record shorts for festival use. I believe that XLR cables(balanced)are the only way to go. I also would like to edit at home on my Compact Presario 233mhz 256kb computer. I plan on using the SONY to shoot weddings and the XL1 to shoot more serious stuff. (1) What editing software and accessories do I need for this computer? (2) What mics are recommended? (3)What dat and mixer? All of this is on a budget of $6-7,000.(4)I also am making a dolly, does anyone know the width of dolly tracks? (5)I also need to buy lights to use with both. Any recommendations as to the watts needed for both cameras in order to get a great festival quality video. (6)Can I get close to a film look using this equipment? Thanks a million. Also need a good recommendation on tri-pods.

-- mike marston (stinkydog, October 21, 1999

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