Ulysses chapter five-- Lotus Eaters

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-- Jorn (jorn@mcs.com), October 21, 1999


Response to Ulysses chapter five-- Lotus-eaters

i wont to bye the machine for ice creme

-- Aleksandar Nikoliv (acika17@freemail.org.mk), April 09, 2001.

Response to Ulysses chapter five-- Lotus-eaters

I find Jorn's suggestion of premeditated murder rather convincing, given line 5:382; "plotting that murder all the time", the musings on cannibalism/communion/confession (esp. given LB's liking for "inner organs"), the careful destruction of the letter, flower, and envelope (wouldn't secretly keeping the letters of a prospective lover be more in character?). An interesting, disturbing insight. "Why? Reaction. A lifetime in a night. Gradually changes your character." 5:475. Also, the reference to the limp penis as "father of thousands" echoes some of Crowley's comments. The general of sneakiness, guilt and death that permeates the chapter.


-- Angus Stocking (angusstocking@charter.net), January 24, 2003.

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