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What is on my mind? I am tired from work-I work on a egg processing machine-it is hard back breaking work-my job leaves me feeling beat-I come home to rest-I thank the Lord for a home-a loving wife and kids-dog Mack-this evening my second son Josiah and I went downtown to look at CD's-I bought an EP by Underworld and a CD by Innocence Mission-I plan to go to bed soon to read-I am reading several books-right now I am into a study of American Transcendentalism-tonight I think I will some more of Walden by Henry David Thoreau-I like laying in my bed in the dark listening to music-I might on a Luka Bloom CD Salty Heaven? I wish tomorrow was a Friday insteand of a Thursday-I am tired-I have to work Saturday from 7 till Noon-I need the money-I am a consumer-I like books and CD's-give my sweet wife some extra cash-the Lord is good-No plans for the weekend-Saturday rest-Sunday go to MIRC-a new work week-existence keeps flowing by-there is nothing else-my wife is off from work this week end-time will go by-it freaks me out to realize I will be 67 years old in 20 years! Life goes by so fast! before I know it I will be in eternity-eternal glory-face to face with God the Holy One-the King of Glory the Lord Jesus Christ-life is going by and I am tired-beat-sometimes I wish I could cry-shed some tears-yell out to someone my frustrations-confess-expose my pain-tear open my heart-look into some eyes and say I am real You are real-let's stop the games and have a cup of tea-listen to some music-share something from the gut-heart-soul-brain-I am tired of all the I CAN NOT FIND THE WORDS I WANT! thanks for sharing your life Catherine-Jonny

-- Jonny Ray Keen (, October 20, 1999


Ah - I crave being 67 years old! Heh.

It sounds like you've a lovely family - and I laughed about you saying you're a consumer. All this good stuff costs money, eh?



-- Catherine (, October 20, 1999.

Jonny I must say you have eclectic taste...good to hear people still like Innocence Mission....Karen Peris has such a sweet child-like voice and the sad ballads are a welcome this time of year....Walden..have you read the most recent "findings" of lost manuscripts? samples are on the net under and welcome to Friday you said you could not wait!

-- cris (, October 22, 1999.

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