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Hello sir,

I have a probleme with a replication, the installation is alright i don't receive any message error, but the probleme is that i don't have in the other server (subscriber)the duplication of database. the message error is that: ->Error 14151:Replication-Sync:Taskanc20_toto_name_pub_41'failed. Unable to create sync file at the location 'C:\MSSQL\REPLDATA'. but in the configuration of server anc20, the root directory is in D:\MSSQL. I don't understand why the system searche in C directory. The excution of 'sp_helpdistributor' give me this result: -> go -----------------------------*/ distributor anc20 distribution database distribution directory \C$\MSSQL\REPLDATA (this is the problem) account .\SQLExecutiveCmdExec

Thanks for any help in advance I use SQl6.5, and the replication with ODBC. About ODBC: To do the replication with ODBC, i have just to declare DSN system data source in the publisher or in the publisher and the subscriber too.

-- Anonymous, October 20, 1999


You have just to change in 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSSQLServer\Replication' the path.

About ODBC: You have just to declare the data source in the distributor

-- Anonymous, October 22, 1999

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