What are your morning rituals?

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What do you do, in what order, in the morning?--Al

-- Al Schroeder (al.schroeder@nashville.com), October 19, 1999


7:00 - Jeanne kisses me awake as she leaves for work. I fall back asleep. 7:15 - Melissa (2 year old daughter)is tugging at my sheets saying "Wake up daddy!" 7:16 - changing Melissa's diaper. 7:17 - in the shower. 7:30 - out of the shower as Jeanne calls from work to say she's there and make sure I'm up. 7:31 - finish getting ready and start feeding Melissa some form of breakfast product. 7:45 - dressing Melissa. 7:50 - should be leaving, but I'm packing my lunch or loading my laptop in my backpack from using it late the night before and leaving it out. 7:55 - out the door. 7:55:15 - Back IN the door; asking Melissa where she put daddy's keys while he was in the shower. 8:00 - find the keys. Put backpack, lunchbox, diaper bag and Toddler in the car. 8:30 - arrive at in-laws house, 38 miles away. Begin 35 mile trip from in-laws to work. 8:45 - usually turning off the highway heading out into the country on a backroad toward work - almost EXACTLY 15 min from work. 8:48 - get behind a cattle truck or blue haired lady or something else that is slow. 8:50 - pass the obstruction; commence throttle up to around 75 - 90 mph. (all while listening to the Bob and Tom radio show.)9:00 - pull in the parking lot at work. 9:03 - clock in. (although I've recently been making it by around 8:58) The rest is just another day at the office...

-- Kev Summitt (kevsummitt@aol.com), October 20, 1999.

at age 78 and retired i can now do what i always wanted to do. i wake up, usually in the morning (maybe a.m) depends on night before. open my eyes half way, survey the scene looking for dangerous beings and finding none (usually) slowly ease myself out of bed, go to the loo, stumble out and pour a cup of coffee (thank god for automatic brewers) proceed back into the bedroom, sit in MY chair, hold my head in my hands until i can take my billfold out to see who i am and if i want to be me. having gathered the morning paper on the way for coffee, i thumb through the main section as long as i can stand it and proceed to the obits to see if i have died......and then to the panacea for me........the comics. on finishing them i can bring myself to the point of being able to communicate with the world (in small increments) gee, i'm glad i'm retired.

-- onion man (ionoi@web.tv.net), December 14, 1999.

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