Out of sorts and Lacking for Words. . .

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I'm completely lacking in the ability to tckle anything of substance, so I'm leaving this up to you. . .

What's going on in your head lately?

-- Dreama (dreama@bluesilver.org), October 19, 1999


Since reading and starting the whole Artist's Way thing -- a lot of what normally would be bumbling around in my head is on the pages of my Morning journal, which, oddly enough, HAS made it easier to deal with.

I still obsess about things: the divorce, my mom, my dog, the unnamed other woman (term used loosely)'s seeming obsession with me and my "guilt" (ha!), and this relationship I'm in that alternately feeds and strangles me on a daily basis. The process just kind of helps.

Then there's all the projects I'm either doing or want to be doing, the artistamp book, the mail art calls, the web stuff, the pins for Xmas presents, the absolute plethora of email that awaits my attention, and the fact that I really need an additional part-time job if I want an iBook (current obsession #314).

Other than that, everything's pretty placid.


-- elizabeth badurina (gypsy@moderngypsy.com), October 19, 1999.

oh dreama, i'm so sorry. slump slump slump...because you know how to deal with the pressure and move on. it's not advice that i'd usually give to people but you seem to know what's going on in your world...that takes talent.

as to me.

loathing this yet, other, temp assignment that i'm on. 45 minute commute each way and for a pay cut.

lamenting the fact that this job that i'd like has been placed under a hiring freeze, ONE EMAIL, before the vprez got my resume.

wanting to change my kleptomania. it's giving me such bad karma recently (see above).

$600 to fix the seat in my car.

seeing my dad and gramma lately, and wondering when i'm actually going to tell them about <>.

and my narcissitic perfection.

is that enough for you?

-- tekay (nillachino@yahoo.com), October 20, 1999.

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