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Do you have a bad temper? Are you always in a bad mood, or are you one of those people who can't be annoyed by anything. And if you are, how do you do it?!

-- Tim (tim@newmail.net), October 19, 1999


During the school year (except on weekends and vacations) I am in a bad mood because I hate my school. During the summer i am usually in a good mood because i only have to see the people who i chose to see mostly.

-- donna (daisy73896@aol.com), October 19, 1999.

In grade eight I was elected "Most Optimistic" or something like that, but it surprised me immensely. I'm annoyed very easily. I guess I just don't show it that much. Of course, I have changed since then, as well. I don't often get in a bad mood; if I'm annoyed, I'll complain for a few minutes then it's out of my system. Which, I think, is a good way to live, but perhaps those around me are of a different mind...

-- Sarah Joy (bursa@cgocable.net), October 19, 1999.

I dont remember the last time I got mad about anything. I know when I was very young, I had a horrible temper...most thought I would have a heart attack. Then I changed, and now nothing really bothers me much. Here's how I do it. Basically, you have to care about something/ someone to really get mad...and second, I want to live a long life, and getting mad just shortens it. Just this weekend, someone cut me off, and usually I dont get mad, but I felt like beeping my horn, so I layed on it for about a minute. My friend in the car was amazed that I was mad...I really wasn't, and just wanted to lay on the horn for a change. I was actually laughing afterwards. I really dont know what would make me mad anymore...perhaps if you mimic me, or if you become my mother.

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-- Greg Barber (gbarber@gbdesigns.com), October 19, 1999.

I came very close to getting killed in an auto accident 9 years ago. The next optimal outcome very well might have been full or partial paralysis. I was lucky; I got away with very manageable chronic pain.

Now I just ask myself, is this person, thing or situation going to make me dead or a vegetable. Anything short of that is negotiable.

-- Jeff Polaski (polaski@acm.org), October 20, 1999.

I'm constantly under a dark cloud, one with the occasional thunder and lightning. If someone rubs me the wrong way with his or her mannerisms (i.e., horsey laugh, armpit scratching, the gangsta- speak..), I just mentally maim the offender, gouge her eyes out, pry her fingernails off slowly and painfully, and ram a ski pole down her throat.... say! I feel better already. :)

-- skye (skye@never-ever.net), October 21, 1999.

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