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I just slitted a 35mm tmax film.It come out 4+ 42 frames films.What should be the load point for my TLX minox ? 36 frame is the maximum the camera can accept ?? Thanks

-- petitgas philippe (, October 18, 1999


petitgas, my slitted film comes out 42+ frames too, it is great for Minox IIIs, and Minox B, because they have 50 exp counter. When I use these 42+ length film in C or TLX, I just load it the same way as a 36 exp film, ie, at red dot between 0 and 36, and I just shoot 36 frame, and forget about the remaining; only in very rare case, when came to 36 exp, suddenly there was unexpected event happening, then I used those 'remaining' frames as spare frames, as there was not time to change film. But after the counter goes over 0 and back to 36 the second time, the frame spacing suddenly becomes quite wide, so you get about 4 frames instead of 42-36=6 frames, and your shooting sequence will be counter 0, *, 36, 35,stop, advance two black frames: 34,33 that brings the counter to #33.

The problem is now when you need to load a new cassette, you have to do 34 push- pulls and 34 pressing releases button to reset the counter to red dot for loading, that is quite tedious; after you try this once or twice, you will give up :)

That is why I simply treat the 42 film as regular 36 exp with "emergency spares"

However if you use these 42+ rolls on Minox EC or ECX, you may shoot 40 frames, ie shoot counter frames 0, *,36 ,35 than advance two frames as usually to #34,#33; take the cassette out, then use your thumb to reset the EC/ECX counter to red * without all those push-pull-press. Or alternatively, you may load your film at counter position -4 push-pull twice as usually, now the counter will be at -2; you shoot -2, -1, 0, *, 36, 35... ect till your EC/ECX counter reaches 0 .

Simply put, film load longer than 36 is best for Minox III/IIIS/B, acceptable for EC/ECX, not worth the trouble for LX/TLX/CLX.

-- martin tai (, October 18, 1999.

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